“Colour-blind” Adoption

Today many couples wish to start a family and don’t consider the possibility that they may not be able to conceive. They take pregnancy for granted and aren’t aware that 15% of couples in South African struggle with fertility, in fact 1 out of 10 suffer from that particular disappointment. Most visit infertility clinics and pursue various other forms of in vitro conception but some eventually are compelled to consider the alternative option, adoption.

My question, in regards to adoption in South Africa is, does transracial adoption promote racial tolerance or take away from the child’s cultural identity?


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Two Daddies, Two Mommies

The first time I experienced a gay couple was in primary school, when my one friend’s two dad’s came to pick her up from school. At the time it didn’t really confuse me, I actually thought it was pretty cool. But later I started to think about the daddy and mommy dynamics and how that would potentially effect the child’s upbringing.

Two men holding hands

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Risk it for the Biscuit?

Illustration by Lili Ming
Illustration by Lili Ming

“Natural body chemicals, or hormones, cause your ovaries to release one egg about once a month. Most months, the egg and the lining of your uterus come out of your vagina as your period. This is part of your menstrual cycle” (girlshealth.gov2014).

I was also incorrectly informed and told that getting your period was a very exciting event. I know now that that was a lie. The day your period starts is honestly merely the beginnings of a war zone: blood, sweat and tears. Literally. At least it starts out that way, until you start becoming sexually active. Then your period becomes a God sent.

The pull out method has been trending for a couple of years now. It’s usually associated with ‘one night stands’ but has recently become the go-to approach for sexual intercourse. 3 out of 5 women use this as a birth control method. It has an average of 73% success rate. Obviously this percentage is dependent on many variables but never the less, still not bad at all. It seems to be a convenient more desirable choice considering that you don’t have to buy condoms, remember to take the pill or deal with the atrocious side effects that you may get with it.Read More »

Arranged to marry a strange…

My grandma

There has been a lot of controversy around the concept of not being able to choose whom you love and whom you spend the rest of your life with. Arranged marriages are organized strategically by family members, you are essentially forced to marry a stranger, fingers crossed you get along and aren’t at each other’s throats.

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Online dating destroying or advancing the notion of love? (Short Feature Article)

Chinese couple in Guangzhou

“So how did you love birds meet?” Our parents and older generations live for these questions, this is their golden opportunity to give their romantically, cheesy story of how they married their childhood sweetheart.  That ‘love at first sight’ kind of affair those hard headed romantics would eat up.

But it seems today chivalry is served cold and love is somewhat of a robotic process. We rarely ever witness the passionate, natural chemistry we hear and see in movies such as Jane Ayre or our Shakespearian favorite, Romeo & Juliet.  Who would have thought that we’d reach a time where we could essentially shop for a life companion online?Read More »

The Bromance is Bru-ing

We see it with Tyrion and Bronn in Game of Thrones, Joey and Chandler in Friends, J.D. and Turk in Scrubs, Spock and Captain Kirk in Star Trek, Scott and Stiles in Teen Wolf, Frodo and Sam in Lord of The Rings and my personal favorite Ted Mosby and Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother.  There is nothing more powerful than the bond between to male best friends. Enough so that the girlfriend will take a back seat and play third wheel.

BROMANCE. (noun) a relationship or friendship between two men that is extremely close but does not involve sex. Or as the Urban Dictionary describes it, “A close relationship between two bros to such a point where they start to seem like a couple.”

My two guy bestfriends
My two guy best friends

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Chivalry Served Cold?

I’m 20 years old. I’m part Asian, part wolf. I’m a tomboy, a deep thinker, a quirky, artistic soul. I adore music and poetry and a good time. I’m not looking for anything serious, perhaps a casual fling? No strings attached, I can’t handle clingy, little boys. Swipe right if you’re interested?

Online dating. Technologies way of telling good old fashion romance and chivalry to suck it. Based on five selfies, a two sentence description and your age, you may or may not have matched with your soulmate. You could however, be matched to a complete pedophile but what are the chances right?

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