Risk it for the Biscuit?

Illustration by Lili Ming
Illustration by Lili Ming

“Natural body chemicals, or hormones, cause your ovaries to release one egg about once a month. Most months, the egg and the lining of your uterus come out of your vagina as your period. This is part of your menstrual cycle” (girlshealth.gov2014).

I was also incorrectly informed and told that getting your period was a very exciting event. I know now that that was a lie. The day your period starts is honestly merely the beginnings of a war zone: blood, sweat and tears. Literally. At least it starts out that way, until you start becoming sexually active. Then your period becomes a God sent.

The pull out method has been trending for a couple of years now. It’s usually associated with ‘one night stands’ but has recently become the go-to approach for sexual intercourse. 3 out of 5 women use this as a birth control method. It has an average of 73% success rate. Obviously this percentage is dependent on many variables but never the less, still not bad at all. It seems to be a convenient more desirable choice considering that you don’t have to buy condoms, remember to take the pill or deal with the atrocious side effects that you may get with it.

WebMD however calculated the effectiveness of different birth control methods by showing the number of unplanned pregnancy’s that occurred. The pull out method was 27 out of 100 women, which is considerably higher than the other options. Hormonal implant has less than 1 out of 100 and contraceptive pills is 8 out of 100.

Nevertheless a lot of men argue that sex without a condom is much more sexually satisfying. Why? Because its more intimate, romantic and merely feels better. Many describe having sex with a condom on as not really being able to “feel anything”. Those that are all for the use of condoms say that they enjoy the experience more because they don’t have to worry as much about STD’s or getting pregnant.

But here’s what women don’t really consider with the pull out method. Pre-cum and STD’s. “A normal ejaculation there are around 100 million sperm per ml of fluid” and pre-cum has about 3 million per ml (MedGuidance.com; 2015). This may seem like a comforting fact for many women, but now not only are you worrying about him pulling out in time, you also have to consider the slight possibility of pre-cum impregnating you AND the possibility of getting an STD. So many possibilities in that sentence, and not the good kind. Would you take the risk?

The pull out method has its pros and cons. Ultimately as a woman you are giving up some form of control and even though the method may seem convenient, if he fucks up, you have no plan B to fall back on. Let’s hope your man is a flippin’ champ.




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