Chivalry Served Cold?

I’m 20 years old. I’m part Asian, part wolf. I’m a tomboy, a deep thinker, a quirky, artistic soul. I adore music and poetry and a good time. I’m not looking for anything serious, perhaps a casual fling? No strings attached, I can’t handle clingy, little boys. Swipe right if you’re interested?

Online dating. Technologies way of telling good old fashion romance and chivalry to suck it. Based on five selfies, a two sentence description and your age, you may or may not have matched with your soulmate. You could however, be matched to a complete pedophile but what are the chances right?

Online dating is becoming frequently used and more and more popular every day.  As much as I’d like to say it seems ridiculously unnatural, I have to give credit where it is due and say that there have been many online dating success rates and according to the University of Chicago, “online couples have happier, longer marriages” (Uchicago News). Many people are no longer as interested in starting a family and having kids as they are in fulfilling their dreams and getting their dream jobs.

Not only is it in the comfort of your own home, there’s no need to dress up, go out, waste money and converse with other human beings face to face. Life has never been more convenient. And for all those obsessive gamers, no need to worry about making time to meet other human beings to bring home to your mum (just to keep her from whining about your introverted behavior). We now have virtual dating, online gaming and online dating mixed into one…the best of both worlds. But for all the hopeless romantics out there, get ready for cheesy one liners and possible scammers.

Tinder (dating application for students) was created in 2012, a kind of work up from the dating application ‘Hot or Not’. After complaining endlessly to my friends that the guys out there are pathetic and annoying, one of my friends suggested Tinder. Even though online dating applications kind of creep me out, I decided I’d experiment and give it a try. As I was coming up with my dating profile and trying to find the best angled pictures of myself on my phone, it occurred to me how superficial online dating can be.

Essentially you are picking or selecting a significant other according to your ultimate desires and expectation of what you picture in your mind being the perfect lover. But the bitter truth is that no one is perfect and everyone has baggage. You could possibly swipe left (dislike or pass) on what could have been the love of your life just because he/she has bushy eyebrows or a weird selfie in the bathroom (we’ve all had to have done that at least once).

Aspirations have changed and society is buzzing with ambition and desire. But when one does hit that wall where you realize you crave a companion, sometimes you’re not going to have time to prowl the town and seek out your true love. So I guess just for that reason, give it a try…you never know.


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